Out of box and high impact

Team building  and trainings

Tired of "blá, blá, blá in corporate trainings?

If you are looking for real results in your team performance and development check our high impact trainings.

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Enough of soft talk on corporate trainings...

Corporate trainings and team building is more than words and powerpoints.

High performance teams need action, uniqueness and, most of all, emotion.

Our high performance trainings have these 3 essential elements for a memorable, effective and remarkable company training.

# The 3 Pilars for a high impact training #





The majority of corporate training are based on verbal activities and presentations. Therefore participants are not engaged and the whole experience just feels like another day at the office.


It is very difficult to take your employees out of their comfort zone. Teams need movement, action and emotions.  They need our out of the box trainings.

Our Out of the box trainings represent a vivid transition from the theory of personal development to real exercises. Participants will feel alive and engaged, making our trainings into a remarkable and learning experience. 

We have have 14 trainings dynamics designed for high performance teams. Click here to know more.


Working colleagues that have taken our training have improved their communication, connection and ability to work together.  The overall performance of the company has grown and people are working happier as a team.  

Our clients can choose and combine any of the trainings and create their own unique program. The choice of training dynamics depends on the objective sought by the client.

What is missing in corporate training?


Action, movement 

and Emotion.

In the comfort zone nothing happens. There is no learning. Change that and collect the results.

Andrew Danna.jpg


Senior Vice President at Charles Schwab

San Francisco Bay Area


“We Can Do It was an unforgettable team building experience. My team came away from the day reinvigorated, with a better understanding of and trust in their peers, and motivated to take on its next challenge. The program was well organized and the right mix of storytelling, sharing, bonding, and feats of strength. We also could not have asked for a better facilitator. Mario was both inspirational and hilarious, and his confidence was contagious. He proved skilled in drawing even the shyest in the group into active participation. I’d strongly recommend We Can Do It to any group looking to unlock its full potential!!”

Why it works?

Because these high impact trainings take your team out of their comfort zone.

Learn how to control fear into your advantage. Sharpen your senses.

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Gustavo Leaseplan.jpg


Transformation, Innovation and Customer Service Director, at LeasePlan Portugal


“Quando nos predispomos a ultrapassar os nossos limites, vivemos momentos mágicos de realização”

WE ARE READY! Let's make it happen.

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